In the past, decorative concrete was usually limited to a stone mason scoring a flagstone-like design, or embedding leaves into the surface to achieve a desired effect. Today, the leading edge of concrete is a process called pattern-stamping. This involves stamping or impressing three-dimensional patterns into coloured concrete with molds made from actual stonework. When the stamping is complete, the product is then sealed, highlighting the colours and providing greater stain and weather resistance.

The result is a surface that combines the beauty of stone, slate, brick, granite, and even wood with the durability of concrete. Coloured can range from natural earth tones to bright pastels. Although stamped concrete is a little more expensive than ordinary concrete work, savings of more than 50% over masonry costs are common. Stamping is also placed in a fraction of the time and there are no individual bricks or stones to shift or allow grass to grow in the joints.


Key Benefits of Stamped Concrete

  Reduced long-term maintenance

  Less labour intensive

  Increased longevity

  Increases resale value of property



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We offer the highest quality construction, finishes, and service for a luxury product at a competitive price. Every product we produce is custom designed to fit our customer's needs all while exceeding standards.


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