Exposed aggregate is an art in which a thin layer of concrete paste is removed during the setting stage to reveal a true beauty of the colourful stones which lay beneath. Exposed aggregate is fast becoming a very popular choice of decorative concrete in Canada.

The process of exposing aggregate has been around since the early 1900s, and has been very popular in European countries. An exposed-aggregate finish offers numerous advantages. We are constantly finding creative ways to take exposed aggregate to a new level by combining it with other decorative concrete, and providing color options.


Key Benefits of Exposed Aggregate

  Highly durable and non-slip surface

  No additional maintenance

  Gorgeous decorative effect

  Resistant to heavy traffic and extreme weather



Exceptional Services We Offer

We offer the highest quality construction, finishes, and service for a luxury product at a competitive price. Every product we produce is custom designed to fit our customer's needs all while exceeding standards.